Advising Rates & Packages Information

Pricing & Packages

(Please note pricing applies to UK customers only; packages and rates can vary by region.)

Introductory Consultation

£299 (90 minutes)

Meet with an expert advisor for 90 minutes to review the application process, discuss applicant competitiveness/suitability for specific universities and determine next steps.

College Flex Package

College Advisor: £1,799 for 10 hours   

Director of Advising: £2,249 for 10 hours                                                                                                                                           

Suitable for students seeking targeted guidance on their US university applications.

  • 10 hours with an experience A-List College Advisor to address any aspects of a student’s US university application.
  • Student and family have flexibility to choose how to utilise the hours – can be applied university list, timeline, essays, visits, application review, arts portfolio or other areas of preparation.
Early Start Package 

College Advisor: £7,497 (3 x £2,499 instalments) 

Director of Advising: £8,997 (3 x £2,999 instalments)                                                                                              

Suitable for students starting in their GCSE year or earlier.                                  

  • Includes all elements of the Standard Package plus:
  • Strategic planning for applicant in all relevant academic areas
  • Extracurricular and summer programme planning
  • US college visit planning and organisation
  • Regular in-person and remote check-ins with advisor

Standard College Advising Package

College Advisor: £5,998 (2 x £2,999 instalments)


Director of Advising: £6,998 (2 x £3,499 instalments)


Suitable for students seeking comprehensive support and application management.   

  • Intro planning consultation
  • Personalised application timeline
  • Personalised university research list
  • College visit itinerary
  • Comprehensive application management, including all international student paperwork
  • Completion of Common App with an advisor
  • Personal statement brainstorming and full draft review process
  • Supplemental essays for up to 8 universities  
  • Interview preparation
  • Liaising with secondary school                                                                                                                              

Platinum Package                                                                                                                               

Price on Request

Suitable for students seeking bespoke support and tutoring for SAT/ACT/SAT Subject Tests.

  • Includes all elements of Standard College Advising Package plus extensive 1:1 support from senior College Advising team
  • 1:1 tuition for all required tests (SAT/ACT/SAT Subject Tests)

Summer Programme Planning

£199 per hour (College Advisor)

£249 per hour (Director of Advising)                                                                 

Work with an expert advisor to research best-fit summer programme and complete applications.

University Visits

£199 per hour (College Advisor)

£249 per hour (Director of Advising)                                                                                             

Work with an expert advisor to identify range of best-fit universities and finalise a customised itinerary including tours, attending classes and meeting university staff. A-List can also provide travel recommendations and even escorted tours.

Additional Application Support

£199 per hour (College Advisor)

£249 per hour (Director of Advising)                                                                  

Work with an expert advisor to complete specific non-Common App applications such as the University of California system, Georgetown University, MIT, University of Wisconsin and Elon University. Also available for students completing transfer applications.

Student Athlete Consulting                                                                                                                

£249 per 90 minutes

Work with an expert college athletics consultant who will guide you through selecting target athletics programmes, initial contact, recruiting, scholarships and admissions processes.  Packages are available.

Common App Personal Statement & Gap Year Essay


Work with expert essay editor through extensive brainstorming and drafting process to create outstanding essays.               

Common App Personal Statement                                                                                                    


Work with expert essay editor through extensive brainstorming and drafting process to create outstanding Personal Statement essay.              

Supplemental Essays                                                                                                                         

£105-£200 per hour

Work with expert essay editor for either a 1-hour review or on a package of hours (with discounts for hours available).

*All prices exclude VAT.