Tutoring Rates & Packages Information

See below for more details regarding Tutoring Rates & Packages.

*Please note that our tutor rates and packages changed as of July 1st, 2017.


Our UK tutoring rates range from £105-£215 per hour before VAT. Rates are based on a variety of factors, such as the location of the sessions, the length of time a tutor has been working specifically with A-List and the tutor’s ability to generate his/her own referrals.

You may order as many individual sessions on a week-to-week basis as often as you would like, depending on tutor availability. Many of our boarding school students will work over online video during term time and in-person during exeats and holidays.

Payment is due at each session (with a one session deposit) unless otherwise arranged with A-List. A specific tutor’s availability may be subject to seasonal fluctuations and can only be guaranteed with a package purchase or by prior arrangement.

We are able to arrange for tutors to travel internationally for intensive preparation or on a regular ongoing basis. Pricing for this service is provided upon request.

Many of our clients come to A-List requesting full-service packages whereby our team manages the entire preparation and/or application process. We are happy to build bespoke full-service packages upon request.

Tutoring Package Deals

Our packages must be purchased in advance and include a set number of tutoring hours and free bonus hours. We recommend specific packages after reviewing a student’s diagnostic test and academic background. Once you buy a package, you can distribute the time you’ve purchased however you want, depending on your and your tutor’s schedules, although most students prefer to meet once or twice a week for 1-2 hours per session.

Basic Package—14 hours + 1 FREE bonus hour = 15 hours
This plan is a good match for students who are near their target score goals and are looking to refine their approach and technique. Students focusing on just one subject area and those having already completed significant preparation may find this package appropriate.

Preferred Package—23 hours + 2 FREE bonus hours = 25 hours
For many students, this will be the best bet to prepare for the test. For SAT students it allows for complete review of The A-List Book of Knowledge (covering the Math, Reading and Writing sections) and review of at least 3 Diagnostic Tests.

Platinum Package—44 hours + 6 FREE bonus hours = 50 hours
Students seeking extensive preparation should sign up for the Platinum Package. This plan provides a comprehensive approach to preparing for tests, offering complete coverage of the individual subjects and supplemented by reviews of as many Diagnostic Tests as time allows (at least 6). Premium packages are also best for students who want start work before the PSAT and continue on to the SAT.

Custom Preparation
Generally, the more a student prepares for the test, the more his or her score will improve. However, a variety of factors must be considered when planning a curriculum. We recognise the need for flexibility and can customize a plan accordingly. If you do not see a program that fits your needs, contact us and we will tailor a package to match your specific situation. Bespoke packages can also include full advisory services.

Tutoring Package Pricing

Our tutoring rates range £105-£215 per hour before VAT. Rates are based on a variety of factors, such as the location of the sessions, the length of time a tutor has been working specifically with A-List and the tutor’s ability to generate his/her own referrals. See the below table for information regarding our Tutoring Rates & Packages.


Package Tutor & Lesson Type Rate Hours Bonus Hours Total Hours Reduced Rate* Price (ex. VAT)
Basic 1. Standard Tutor – Online/Office £105 14 1 (save £105) 15 £98 £1,470
2. Standard Tutor – Home £125 1 (save £125) £117 £1,750
3. Advanced Tutor – Online/Office £125 1 (save £125) £117 £1,750
4. Advanced Tutor – Home £150 1 (save £150) £140 £2,100
5. Senior Tutor  £175 1 (save £175) £163 £2,450
6. Partner Tutor £215 1 (save £215) £201 £3,010
Preferred 7. Standard Tutor – Online/Office £105 23 2 (save £210) 25 £97 £2,415
8. Standard Tutor – Home £125 2 (save £250)  £115 £2,875
9. Advanced Tutor – Online/Office £125 2 (save £250)  £115 £2,875
10. Advanced Tutor – Home £150 2 (save £300) £138 £3,450
11. Senior Tutor  £175 2 (save £350) £161 £4,025
12. Partner Tutor  £200 2 (save £430) £198 £4,945
Platinum 13. Standard Tutor – Online/Office £105 44 6 (save £630) 50  £92 £4,620
14. Standard Tutor – Home £125 6 (save £750)  £110 £5,500
15. Advanced Tutor – Online/Office £125 6 (save £750)  £110 £5,500
16. Advanced Tutor – Home £150 6 (save £900)  £132 £6,600
17. Senior Tutor  £175 6 (save £1,050)  £154 £7,700
18. Partner Tutor £200 6 (save £1,290)  £189 £9,460

* Reduced Rate is the actual hourly rate after applying the bonus hour(s).

Travel charges are applied to lessons at homes requiring in excess of 30 minutes travel on public transportation from W8 6SH.

Buying a package has several advantages:

– Guarantees that your tutor will be committed to you for the length of the package
– Access to Proctored Diagnostic Tests
– FREE Bonus Sessions when you pay in advance

*Bonus Hours only offered if payment is made by the end of the first session.



Our Bootcamps are fun and intensive SAT or ACT courses. Students from schools all over the UK gather for one week to prepare for the test the A-List way. Taught by our most experienced instructors to small groups, they are a great way to kickstart preparation.

  • 30 hours of instruction +3 full-length practice tests
  • Covers key test content and A-List strategies
  • Small class sizes and personalised attention
  • Offered during half-terms and holidays: April, July, August and October
  • ‘Early Bird’ price (book 2 months in advance) £1,200; regular price £1,600

See more information on our upcoming Bootcamps here.


*All prices exclude VAT.